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About KarMic:

Founded in 1999, KarMic is a pioneer and leader in the semiconductor design and development industry. We have expertise in Analog, Radio Frequency, Mixed Signal, Memory and High Performance Digital domains; providing design services and solutions globally.

Recognizing the need for global expertise, KarMic pioneered the concept of developing human capital by training and creating a pool of technicians, engineers and innovators. All this, at a time when our peers were focused just on product or solution development.

KarMic has contributed immensely to the training and development of hundreds of youngsters, who otherwise, would never had a chance to work in the high-tech industry. Today, KarMic is proud of its industry-experienced professionals, many with advanced engineering degrees in the key technology disciplines of electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, and physics.

We have consistently strived to create stakeholder value by operating sustainably and profitably. Being laser focused on optimizing asset utilization and investing continuously in growth opportunities, we maintain a healthy balance between organic growth and strategic acquisitions. KarMic is proud to maintain an environment of technology excellence and innovation supported by strong management.

  • Vision: To become a global provider of Analog, Mixed Signal and RF Engineering solutions and services.
  • Mission:
    • To enable customer success by providing unsurpassed service and solutions in circuit design, macro modeling, verification, layout, validation, test, cost reduction, embedded firmware and applications.
    • To provide employees an environment that encourages individual technical excellence, winning as a team and taking on entrepreneurial challenges.

Team KarMic:

Company was started by two visionaries, Mr. Mark Harward and Dr. Shivaling Mahant Shetti in the year 1999. Today, KarMic Design has workforce of 500+ employees. The company was established with the below founding principles:

  • Enable members to continually improve their knowledge to enhance value of services and solutions being offered, and
  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility enabling society to benefit at local, state, national and global levels.

KarMic has multiple design centres located in Manipal, Bangalore, and Dallas.

About Founder:

Dr S S Mahant-Shetti (1950 - 2017), with 16 years of experience in research laboratories of Texas Instruments and three in TestChip Technologies conducts the course and manages the Design Centre activities. He has diverse experience in design area and has been associated with :

  • Design of VHSIC memory
  • LISP Microprocessor
  • Innovative gate array architecture
  • Mixed signal fuzzy logic chip
  • Active Pixel Camera with innovative compression
  • Several data conversion circuits and several smart memories

He was responsible for gathering large amount of parametric data for new technologies. He initiated a robust SPICE model verification methodology for digital circuits. He wrote CAD programs for data path routing of LISP microprocessor and assisted in program for 4Meg dRAM. In addition, he has experience with debug testing and was in charge of testing of the LISP chip, which had a combination of new large design and a new process node.

Dr S S Mahant-Shetti started Linear Design Centre in Texas Instruments India, the first commercial design group in India. The group is considered a premier design group within TI and within India. He has authored or co-authored more than 30 papers in varied fields and hold 67 patents.

Why KarMic?

We stand out in the competitive world for as we drive business by adding value and maximizing functional proficiency of our design services and solutions. The qualified workforce of KarMic ensures to provide technical excellence in each of the solution be it circuit design, macro modeling, verification, layout, validation, test, cost reduction, embedded firmware and applications.

We consistently upgrade our technical abilities to match up the latest norms in semiconductor industry thereby our services and solutions are always in alliance with the current trends. We skilfully handle aggressive schedules ensuring flawless deliverables. Since our establishment in 1999 we have emerged as a leading global provider of analog, mixed signal and RF engineering solutions and services due to our total commitment to training, research and development activities.