Work Culture


Culture of Collaboration

At KarMic, we foster collaborative team spirit and individual growth.  Every employee plays a role in accomplishing our goals who work together on challenging and innovative projects from around the world.

1) Sustainable commercial success requires that our members continually grow their knowledge and thereby increase the value of our services and solutions. We value both breadth and depth of knowledge.

2) We must demonstrate a corporate social responsibility that goes beyond platitudes; we seek to benefit society at the local, state, national and global levels. It is good business to consider the big picture when making business decisions. 

3) We strive to have a pleasant working atmosphere that allows our engineers to work in peace and calm for maximum productivity.

4) We appreciate the ability to participate in challenging international market while working close to home.

5) We will spawn new design centers to provide challenging employment to highly skill engineers close to their home.

KarMic Core Ideology


The integrity of our members and our company is absolute. We are trustworthy in all aspects. We treat others kindly, as we expect to be treated.


We leverage our strength as a unit working as teams rather than disjointed groups of individual. We communicate openly and resolve issues directly to maintain cohesiveness and provide a positive work environment.

Our knowledge

Our members continuously learn while striving to become better global citizens. Our knowledge, attitude and diversity are our fundamental strengths.

Long term relationships

To exist, we must make a profit and generate cash. However in every transaction we seek profit for our customers and partners. We thereby build long term healthy relationships!