Work for a company that values every single team member

An opportunity to enter core domain

Opportunity to work in semiconductor industry otherwise limited mostly to IIT/MSc 

High quality training from experienced seniors

A finishing school to master the practical aspects of semiconductor concepts after UG


A culture in Karmic helping/guiding the freshers to ramp up on customer projects 

Build leadership and long-term careers

Next generation leader under the mentorship of seniors while working on customer projects


We must demonstrate a corporate social responsibility that goes beyond platitudes; we seek to benefit society at the local, state, national and global levels. It is good business to consider the big picture when making business decisions.

We will spawn new design centers to provide challenging employment to highly skill engineers close to their home.

Sustainable commercial success requires that our members continually grow their knowledge and thereby increase the value of our services and solutions. We value both breadth and depth of knowledge.

We strive to have a pleasant working atmosphere that allows our engineers to work in peace and calm for maximum productivity.

We appreciate the ability to participate in challenging international market while working close to home.